Style and Design House Stockholm Table Table Lamp


You will surely feel astonished of the classic elegance in such a fine vacation and relaxation safe place. The staffs are very pleasant, and are always there to provide you with their own services whenever you need all of them, 24/7. You will not feel like experts a city. It would feel as if staying in a beautiful country residence but in the heart of the town. The guests in Pensionat Oden Södermalm could always thrive on the palatable dishes offered every meal. The food is totally delicious with all its components blended well to provide that an appetizing taste that will surely energize your sensory faculties.

Guests are also free to discover some restaurants nearby such as the Kaffebar and Siogras when you could mostly enjoy the good dishes of Scandinavia. An additional chain of these Pensionat Oden hotels is the Pensionat Oden Vasastan which is situated in the center of Vasastan itself. Pensionat Vasastan is the smallest from the chains, but it is similarly fabulous with the others. This particular Pensionat has a unique method of providing service, though. Due to the fact that this is the smallest, it is also the easiest of all. The toilets as well as showers are located right at typically the hall and are shared from the guests.

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