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The city posseses an atmosphere that is so relaxed and relaxed compared to some other capitals. I don't know the reason why, really. Maybe it's the mindset of the people. Most Swedes usually are friendly, patient, quiet -- and helpful. Maybe it is because there are so many open spaces, drinking water and parks. Or since the houses are so colorful. Perhaps it's all of this together. Stockholm also has great tourist attractions, yet never feels touristy. Within the most popular part of
town : the historical Old City or Gamla Stan rapid there are enough quiet roads to make a relaxing stroll.

Stockholm is green. About 1 / 3 of Stockholm consists of recreational areas. One third! It is the first urban center in the world to have a national recreation area within the city borders. Indeed, a nature reserve correct in the heart of a money with 1 . 5 mil people. And all of these leisure areas are accessible. With about 90 museums to choose from, going to Stockholm is a cultural banquet. And there's a museum for each one. The city has some associated with Europe's best art museums, but also the world's very first open-air museum (Skansen), a number of museums that display just about all aspects of Nordic history, a vintage warship on display (Vasa Museum) and even special locations for kids (Junibacken, toy museum). The state-run museums possess free admission. Stockholm is secure. OK, crime rates have gone in recent decades, like all around the Western world. Still it's among the world's safest capitals. You will find no neighborhoods you should prevent and it's usually no problem to help walk outside at evenings.

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