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Art is an integrated portion of Stockholm city life. Within the pavement along Berzelli Recreation area a worker pops from the ground, lifting a manhole cover. From a distance you won't observe it, but it's a sculpture ('Humor' by KG Bejemark). There are sculptures and figurines all over Stockholm, often in unexpected places. Many channels of the Stockholm underground (tunnelbana) are decorated with works of art, sculptures, mosaics, installations in addition to engravings. And architecture can be very eclectic. Italian, German, Nederlander, French style - it can all there, and often in a single design.

Which city offers 24, 000 islands as well as rocks in its backyard? Stockholm. A huge archipelago connects the town with the Baltic Sea and you can go to it by boat. Invest a day or so on one of those attractive islands - you will not regret it. Stockholm is so clear... If you've been to Paris, Greater london, Amsterdam and then visit Stockholm, you wonder: Where perform these Swedes leave their particular garbage? Every modern town has negative aspects. A lot of traffic, pollution, drunks, crooks... I don't believe a metropolis built by humans will certainly ever become perfect. However compared to other capitals, Stockholm comes very close.

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