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Because 1883 Gröna Lund ('green grove') has been a popular enjoyment park and is as quite and as unusual as its title would imply. Situated on the island of st. kitts of Djurgården, the park's reflection glitters on the lakes and rivers of the Baltic at the portal to Stockholm. For children, the actual appeal of Gröna Lund is actually obvious: there's the Jetline roller coaster, the Power Tower that drops you into a good 80-metre free-fall at one hundred km/h, the giant windmill in addition to classic Luna Park kind attractions such as the funhouse, the particular haunted house and dodgem cars. Adults and those with an intention in calmer pursuits will even enjoy Gröna Lund.

A multitude of concerts featuring both Swedish and international artists tend to be held on the park's soundstages. A 'green card' priced at 100 kronor provides totally free entry to the park as well as summertime open-air concerts. 8 restaurants and 25 points of interest (ranging from peaceful in order to petrifying! ) all get together at this very well-liked leisure park.
So although to go to during snowy months will be magical, give much concern to a winter trip to Laxa, sweden before making that decision.

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