3 Way Floor Lamp


3 Way Floor Lamp. Q-I have a beautiful old ground lamp that has been in the family members for many years. The only trouble by using it is that unlike most modern lights it will accept only a single-wattage bulb. I need at least one hundred watts when I am reading through, but find that too vibrant when I am watching television. Can there be any way I can adapt this particular lamp to take one of the three-way bulbs that are now accustomed in most lamps?

A-Assuming the actual lamp has the usual metal socket that has been more or less regular in floor and lamps for many years, all you have to do is actually change the existing lamp outlet (with its built-in switch) for a new one that features a three-position switch and will acknowledge a three-way bulb. They are the same size as common lamp sockets and can be set up in place of the existing socket.

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