Antique Floor Lamp Parts


Antique Floor Lamp Parts. Our company is the pioneer in shaping innovations in green, energy-efficient lighting with the line of induction and BROUGHT light bulbs. These light technology contribute to unprecedented energy cost savings - combined with greatly prolonged lifespan. The energy saving lamps we offer are fully suitable for all of our light fixtures, and no-one will be able to tell the difference!

Create a good atmosphere of warmth and elegance with accent lighting through our huge collection of classic floor lamps and table lamps. We now have antique and vintage style-lamps from all major design intervals, in a wide range of sizes in addition to finishes. Lamps Clinic continues to be serving the antique and lighting effects trades since 1993. All of us specializes in lamp parts regarding lamp repair and the repair of antique lamps as well as lighting which includes kerosene period lighting, Victorian lamps, college student lamps, early Gone-With-The-Wind bulbs, and crystal chandeliers. We all also specialize in fine alternative lamp shades, lamp globe, and lamp glass such as lamp crystals, crystal prisms, Electrical parts, chandelier components, chandelier crystals, chandelier cover, glass lamp chimneys, and also glass lamp shades for many antique lighting styles which includes arts and crafts lights.

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