Coastal Floor Lamps


Coastal Floor Lamps. Georgia's St. Simons Island enchants vacationers, naturalists, and a lot of the time residents with its rich maritime history and relaxed atmosphere. Microcosms from the larger community, Coast Cottage and The Villas at Coastline Cottages embody all the things which attract people to this tropical isle. That's why we've chosen to develop our 2003 Coastal Residing Idea House here. Made to emphasize views, the beachside sanctuary opens wide in order to sea and sky.

"I wanted to create a place in preserving the old St. Simons, inch says developer Denval Hamby. Since ground was damaged in 1995, this coastline neighborhood has turned out homes reminiscent of those built in the region during the '20s and '30s. Front doors and galerie open to a brick road lined with palms, providing the development a small-town feeling. "I bought the property because I appreciated the actual trees, the marshes, and also the quaintness of the village, inches says Denval. "It's a location where people live, not only a resort community. "

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