Cortina Floor Lamp


Cortina Floor Lamp. Cortina's anatomist design features a simple, solid iron base and clear diffuser that shields often the dimmable light source. Choose from 3 sizes. By Pablo Mulato. Cortina floor lamp comes with a clear shade with a white-colored diffuser and a grey natural powder coated die-cast iron bottom. The timeless Cortina lamp fixture is architectural simplicity. The alluring translucent fabric diffuser shields the lamp's dimmable light source. Cortina allows you to arranged any mood depending on the second. Features full range dimmer. Accessible in a table and ground lamp version. Also available in the 48, 60 and seventy two inch high option. 2 60 watt, 120 voltage, PAR16 halogen bulbs are usually included. General light submission. Small: 10 inch thickness x 48 inch elevation x 3. 5 " depth. Medium: 10 in . width x 60 inches height x 3. your five inch depth. Large: eleven inch width x seventy two inch height x four inch depth.

Defined with a structural and material straightforwardness, the Cortina Floor Lamps and also Table Lamp (2000) by simply Pablo Pardo simultaneously consist of and diffuse light. The actual compact polycarbonate shade is usually virtually architectural, a thin rectangular shape of transparency that delineates the form and filters gentle through an external fabric diffuser, which is stretched over the top, right down to the base. The floor lamps might be tucked beside a sofa, or maybe placed in a corner, being suitable to today's versatile conditions in which efficiency of place and versatility are crucial, while the table lamp offers unique secondary lighting over a bedside table or wedding reception desk. Bulbs included: a couple of 60W par 16 halogen. Full-range dimmer.

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