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Traditional artwork lovers will enjoy the Noua Museet, which houses works of art from great artists, such as Matisse, Picasso and Dali. There are also wonderful pieces of art coming from Swedish artists on screen here. Cheap tickets for you to Stockholm will help you save for the trip and provide a chance to check out Grona Lund, which is a great amusement park. It is, but different from other parks, currently located on Djurgarden, which is a island.
The park is actually a hit with children, since it has an array of rides by means of a giant windmill and journey.

There is also a fun-house and a haunted house. This place can also be popular for hosting numerous concerts by international as well as Swedish artists. Besides the sights, the park has 7 restaurants where you can relax and also nourish your body. Another well-liked site in the city will be the Royal Palace. It is situated in the Old Town and offers 608 rooms. A visit towards the palace will allow you to see a show of crowns, orbs along with other royal objects. The looks of each room in the building is worth checking out, with some becoming designed in baroque style, while some are in rococo style.

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