Design House Stockholm Work Lamp White


Even though I was always attracted to the particular mysterious North, it took some time before I first frequented Sweden. Actually, it was the editor who asked me to look there. In 1990 We attended a conference near Stockholm, and fell in love with both the country and its particular capital. Since then the city has turned into a dear friend of mine. Maybe a good relative, as every brand new visit feels like a sort of homecoming. Stockholm never lets me personally down.
Nevertheless, my really like for the Swedish capital really does raise an eyebrow once i mention it to other people. Most people simply don't know any aspect with Stockholm, except that it's the funds of Sweden. So a few clear things up. Here is a Top-10 of reasons why I love Stockholm - listed in no specific order. Stockholm is glowing blue. If there is one thing that makes Stockholm be noticeable, then it is its romantic relationship with water. The city had been built on 14 countries, all connected with bridges regarding cars AND pedestrians, and you also never have to walk much to get a stunning view on the water.

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