Dimmer Floor Lamp


Dimmer Floor Lamp. While the lamp is aesthetically very nice looking, when I placed the bulb that came by using it and plugged it within, the lamp would not illuminate. I tried re-inserting typically the bulb and trying again -- nothing. I had ordered A couple of these lamps - plus the other one did perform. So it appeared one of the 2 I ordered was just defective. Buyers beware! Additionally - the bulb installed with these maps is a extremely specialized bulb and I have no clue where I would get a substitute bulb. This is something almost any purchaser should be aware of.

I just came into a new apartment yesterday, so that as I was moving in, I recognized there wasn't a roof light in our living room! We-took a trip to target and I would definitely get one, but ended up obtaining two, just in case it was not bright enough. It's a lot bright! I ended up to get second one and placing it on the other side of the place, but honestly, one would include the whole living room. The colors are plastic, though you more than likely notice unless you touched all of them. I think the only way assembly might be easier is if there had not been any needed. All you really should do is twist often the poles together and distort the shades on. Absolutely no tools needed! Just make sure to obtain the correct bulbs, one of them must be a three way bulb.

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