Floor Lamp Black


Floor Lamp Black. Find a multitude of modern options for your own living room and more with our wise torchieres and unique lights. These beautiful, European designed works of art are designed to light your house with a warm inviting shine. Styles range from arc for you to LED, halogen and more.

The actual angled back leg of every SHI lamp straightens wherever it intersects the other a pair of angles legs and reaches under the shade where this bends at a right position to hold the socket, obtaining the bulb horizontally. This allows black fabric shade to become positioned off-center of the post. Metal with black matte finish. Black cylinder accented pull-chain switch. Takes one hundred Watt incandescent or twenty six Watt CFL bulb. 57" Height. Overall depth around 25" (9" back lower leg, 20" front legs). Tone: 7" Height, 16. 5" Diameter

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