Floor Lamp Shades 2016


Floor Lamp Shades 2016, Whether it's for a cozy reading nook or perhaps a grand entryway, a new lamp shade is really a quick and easy method to redecorate and provide a fresh look in to your home. Before finding if you're new design however, you'll want to ensure it matches on your current light fixture. For that, you'll want to be familiar with the about three most common fitting types:
Once you've determined your current fitter type, you might want to get the feel for the dimension shade you're looking for. As a new rule of thumb, you'll want a balanced look. In order to achieve this, your decision need to be approximately the width of the lamp base in its widest point.
Need to transform a shade into a swag chandelier? Now you can simply and safely transform your chosen design into a DIY chandelier with this new shade swag adaptor kits, available exclusively from Lamps Plus. Select from a brushed steel finish plug-in lamp shade adapter or old fashioned instruments finish plug-in shade adaptor. Or for a simple swag style straight away of the box, you can also find some of our most widely used tone designs pre-fitted with these products.
Lamps Plus carries 1000s of designs to fit every style, so feel free to browse to get your look. Need help choosing and have questions regarding which fitting type you need? Visit a store or give us a call at 800-782-1967. We're always happy to assist!

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