Ikea Alang Floor Lamp


Ikea Alang Floor Lamp. This just about all started out with the lampshades over a pair of old IKEA lamps that were looking kinda ratty. The compact fluorescent 3-way bulbs were starting to display their age as they didn't appear to be as bright anymore. Therefore time for an update of the lighting fixtures. They were still solid bulbs and the first step was to replace the bulbs. 3-way light bulbs can be switched to 3 various levels of brightness when in a unique 3-way socket that has an extra contact. Whenever I place a new bulb in this 1 lamp, you would hear any loud pop and then typically the circuit breaker would journey. The socket did appear kinda loose and the light wouldn't go in straight deal with it was supposed to. It do work with the bulb just the right angle and screwed in really tight to the socket. Well, time to create off the lamp as a throw away or fix it so it is no more a potential fire hazard. Allow it to be so.

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