Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp


Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp. These lights came in a very small package and took no more than a minute total to put together 2 table lamps put the lightbulb in a connect them in. The lighting fixtures are sturdy enough for me personally, they do wobble a little however only if you touch these. Mine did not come with bulbs like I guess some others do, I decided to put 40w guided equivalent bulbs in plus they look beautiful. Not as well bright but not dark at all.

You can get this at Ikea for a much lesser cost, but considering we you do not have an Ikea in our town or anywhere close, having 2 for 1 price are a good deal along with the Amazon Perfect delivery. It's a wonderful light for our living room. A handy and practical way to light a space or area inside a room that's a bit poor, or doesn't have a threshold light. Be careful if you have pet cats or dogs that may scrape the exterior, because it's actually paper (except it's thicker) Overall, I love this light fixture!

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