Ikea Not Floor Lamp


Ikea Not Floor Lamp. This particular recall involves IKEA GOTHEM floor and table lamps. The actual lamps are not sold together with shades and have a cleaned finish nickel-plated appearance. The particular lamps are intended for indoor illumination and have dimming functionality. None Health Canada nor IKEA Canada has received any reviews of consumer incidents or maybe injuries to Canadians associated with the use of these products.

A few years back, I'd say maybe july 2004 or so, I purchased this kind of floor lamp at Ikea, the Orgel. Money ended up being tight so I kind of looked over it as a place holder lamp fixture until I could afford the nicer one someday. To tell the truth, it's a pretty decent searching, simple and straightforward lamp which i grew attached to. What's incredible about it is that it has made it several moves with its papers shade intact. Until come early july. A sneaky fly ended up indoors and in an effort to help exact revenge, Mike unintentionally swatted the paper color. It's ok, I was not even remotely upset. I was wanting to change out that tone for, well, since I obtained the lamp.

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