Koncept Floor Lamp


Koncept Floor Lamp. Detailed Description: the particular Z-Bar ® Floor Light adopts the original three-segment The design of maximum reach and flexibility, now in a format lampadaire. Basically flexible LED strip can turn in itself, sweeping from one part to the other and rotate round the end of its provide to point in any path. The touch dimmer is situated near the LED strip for quick access Koncept LED lamps are created to the demanding customers who else do not want to have to choose between outstanding and environmentally friendly Design The lamps are widely recognized and have won some of the most exclusive awards can with Era 3, Koncept provides towards the quality, brightness and comfortable to make use of with its products, of substantial innovations uniform light BROUGHT, distributed by the addition of a dimmer to order you will also get a Bonus Finally, always conscious of its impact on the surroundings and the power consumption of the products, Koncept now provides an optional presence detector, that automatically turns off your lighting when you leave the room.

Flexible positions and generous achieve provide for a perfect lighting friend. Z-Bar Floor is an extremely thin and flexible floor light fixture that fits any room along with decor. Ideal for reading within an easy chair or in a counter, Z-Bar Floor Light fixture brings the clean, thin design of the Z-Bar family members without the need for a table.

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