Large Floor Lamps


Large Floor Lamps. The mogul lamp or 6 way lamp is a ground lamp which has a large middle light bulb surrounded by three (or four) smaller bulbs which may be candelabra-style or standard medium-base bulbs, each mounted base-down. This entire setting is usually covered, at least partially, with a large cylindrical shade that sits on an upturned, cup, hemispherical diffuser surrounding the middle bulb. The top of the light is usually designed to sit simply above eye-level of an typical adult person standing alongside it, to avoid unpleasant eyeball from unshaded bulbs.

The actual bulb socket in the centre has a larger diameter (an E39 or E40 mogul base) than a regular E26 or E27 Edison mess light socket, and is usually made of cast porcelain for your higher temperatures. Mogul-base lights are available for industrial use in bigger power ratings (250-1500) and halogen, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium and Metal-halide light fixture configurations. Compact fluorescent mogul-base bulbs are also available, like adaptors to allow medium-base light bulbs to be used in mogul electrical sockets.

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