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Pensionat Oden Resorts, in central Stockholm is really a fine example of economy in addition to luxury rolled into one. The actual hotel was constructed with 1943 right in the cardiovascular of Sweden's beautiful associated with Stockholm. Unlike other five-star and huge hotels, Pensionat Oden Hotel just cater to brief number of guests. It has about 25 comfortable and elegant rooms that are equipped a cozy kitchen, wire, internet access, and refrigerator. It really is like a home away from home. Actually it will just feel like remaining in your friends or relative's home as the atmosphere is really homey. You will relish the simple treats of life. You will have the ambience of a superb resort in one of the peaceful neighborhoods within Stockholm.

Pensionat Oden Södermalm is one of the chains of Pensionat Oden Hotels. You will find this right in Hornsgatan, Söder right in a friendly community. It is accessible to the Vitabergen and Humle Garden, a couple of hours' drive to the Stockholm City Hall and the Regal Palace, as well as to the Kronobergsparken, Skansen Zoo. For those who desires to take a view of a few fine architecture, there are the particular Vasa Museum and Stockholm Cathedral where you could feast your own eyes on.

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