Lighting Design Awards 2014 Photos


Lighting Design Awards 2014 Photos, Another popular antique lamp fixture is the leadlight lamp. They are very intricate and lavish lamps and often very vibrant. These lamps are really quite beautiful and can work within a contemporary design as well as a vintage world styled space. Often the Parisian influence in classic table lamps is evident through their embroidered fabric colors often found with rip drop crystals or tassels hanging from the bottom of the tone. These are very often found in duplication specialty stores.

Due to their current design and use of high tech materials and technology, the outcome is often very much more functional as compared to an antique piece. So as much as a reading lamp will go, you might find a modern lamp to become more functional than old fashioned one. Many modern lamps are touch lamps where they will switch on if you feel any part of the lamp; forget about searching for the cord and the button to switch on your lamp.

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