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Lighting Design Awards Flickr, Whilst antique style lamps are thought works of art with lots of practicality, exactly the same can be said about a number of modern day style lamps out there. Modern-day style lamps are available almost everywhere (especially online) but you need to look in the right place to get the best ones. Antique lamps could be classy and vintage yet modern lamps have developed directly into very unique works of art and also engineering. The design aesthetics can be very unorthodox yet simple. And also the functions and technology that will go with it have superior greatly for ease of use.

Whether or not they're custom-made and produced, modern style table lamps have got incorporated the use of new resources and new technology. Some of the improvements include the use of different a glass materials, metal surfaces as well as other materials that gives them a distinctive look. With the inclusion of recent technology, they can be leaps and bounds in front of traditional and antique design lamps in terms of practicality. A good example of this is the simple kinesthetic contact technology used in some lights where a person can simply transform it on and off by tapping anyplace on it's body.

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