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Lighting Design World Online Magazine, Next you want to take notice of the colors in the room you can add the modern floor light. Matching the colors exactly is not really necessary but you definitely would like similar colors or colorings that complement each other. Additionally keep in mind the footprint scale the base of the modern flooring lamp along with the height. For those who have ceilings that are low then you definitely need to keep this in mind when shopping for your personal lamps so they will suit.

The height of the lamp shade can be another important factor whether the lamp is going to be on the floor or on top of the table, dresser or various other furniture. Usually you want the actual lamp shade to be at the same elevation as your head as a general rule involving thumb. Picking a modern floors lamp out online and getting it delivered is a great method for saving money but also requires an individual review the measurements from the product description. Check the dimension with the future location of the contemporary lamp to eliminate size issues.

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