Magnifier Floor Lamp


Magnifier Floor Lamp. Floor lamps with built-in magnifiers provide directed light source for reading, sewing, projects and other tasks. They are ideal for placing next to a seat or sofa, and are generally lighting enough to be easily shifted where needed. These lamps come with a magnifying glass lens on the flexible arm, leaving both of your hands free. This makes them perfect for extended use reading, stitching, knitting or doing homemade projects.

We carry a number of bulbs from Stella Lighting, CraftLite, Daylight and Mighty Vivid. We also stock magnifiers and can special order extra bulbs for some florescent lights. You can check with these vendors to get lamp selections and let all of us know what you need if we avoid list it. For larger table lamps we can arrange to have all of them drop-shipped to your address or even able to pick it up at the store.

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