Mainstay Floor Lamp


Mainstay Floor Lamp. Include space as well as a contemporary look to almost any room with the Mainstays Space Floor Lamp with Gray Shade. This Mainstays Carpet Lamp features a metal framework with a black finish a great on-and-off pull chain and also an off-white fabric tone. This floor lamp using shelves` comes with an instruction manual that makes installation easy. Typically the Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp fixture with Off White Shade additionally serves as a shelving device. Three shelves can hold a number of valuables such as books a new telephone and decor highlights.

Floor lamps offer an easy-to-add lighting solution for any area, even if you don’t have much bedroom. They’re easy to move around, also, so you can make any room a little cozier. And our own floor lamps with flexible minds make reading more comfortable as you can direct their light on your book or magazine.

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