Mainstays Floor Lamp With Reading Light


Mainstays Floor Lamp With Reading Light. The Mainstays Paper Shade Floor Lamp fixture provides a wide spread of mild illumination for your home as well as apartment. The lamp diffuses soft lighting that’s romantic, yet still appropriate for reading. Having a sleek, modern design, this particular rice paper floor lamp fixture will enhance most current decor. A sturdy measured base keeps the Mainstays white shade floor table lamp stable; its pull cycle on/off switch ensures simplicity of use.

Arrived today. As I opened it up I thought it looked inexpensive. Don’t know what I was considering! What got me is the shade; it comes folded as well as looked like cheap little slim paper. Then it struck me, it DID say it’a a paper shade, duh! No tools necessary. Instructions are excellent and clear, unlike many products we get via abroad these days. It was fun to construct with seemingly good components, like the socket; I’m pondering, all this for twenty dollars? I felt like it had been worth $20 for the enjoyable of putting it with each other! The paper shade originates, opens up for installation which is nice. Not a flimsy point, though I think it may not have longevity, if it fell or has been handled roughly. But if not really abused, I think this may are awhile. It’s light, razor-sharp looking and puts away alot of light w the actual 100 watt bulb these people suggest. I had something like this years back and after years the bottom out of cash and it was filled with cement that made a huge clutter. I wonder if the base the following is filled similarly. Again, this may it’s intended job and appears great. Now, if someone stated this was $50 or $265.21 at some fancy lamp shop, I would be fooled. Regarding $20 it is one extremely duper great deal and with a few care in use, should final awhile. And if it stops working and I get some use from it, then I go back to one of my personal favorite activities, shopping online here at Walmart. com lol. I may obtain another one for another room. Dynamite for only $20!

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