Mission Style Floor Lamps


Mission Style Floor Lamps. Objective style lighting combines classic American concepts and high quality craftsmanship to deliver outstanding lighting for pristinely decorated houses from traditional to modern. New outdoor lanterns as well as wall lights, indoor chains and chandeliers incorporate spectacular mission style dynamics using the brilliance of light and the most advanced technology. Mission style, also known as Craftsmen Style or American Man of art, is rooted in the Artistry and Crafts movement from the 1900’s.

Mission style lamps illuminate history and artistry through original concepts embedded within this international design movement which began in England. Noted with regard to authentic composition, simple contact form, limited ornamentation and honesty to material, mission illumination remains a true fashion preferred. To capture the essence of excellent American Craftsman designs, check out Capitol Lighting’s 1800lighting. com for a complete preview of recent mission style lighting arrangement.

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