Modern Cylinder Lamp Shades


Modern Cylinder Lamp Shades The popularity began in Denmark in which a couple of designers produced the brand new type of legendary light shades. Verner Pantone designed his Moon Lamp in 1960. The sunshine includes a large figures of ring-formed, white-colored dvds that are suspended round the located bulb. Louis Weisdorf produced the look for his next pendant light known as Turbo in 1965. Composed of 12 uniform aluminium lamellae spiral-twisted to create a flower-like sphere, the Turbo was partially inspired.

Modern Cylinder Lamp Shades, As opposed to Konkylie the lamellae were positioned vertically, lowering the accumulation of dust. Other designer renowned for his advanced searching modern pendant lamps is Simon Karkov. His lamps - NORM 03, NORM 06 especially standard 69 are classical types of best Danish design. NORM 69 an award-winning lamp composed of 69 identical white.

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