Paper Floor Lamps


Paper Floor Lamps. Frequently cast in bronze or even, later, crafted from laser-cut marquetry, the physical potential as well as malleability of the materials each uses is pushed to the hilt. Their own approach is more in keeping with that traditional guilds than anything at all industrial. For Studio Work, creation is pre-eminent more than definition. Smeets describes this thus: “Unlike most, we have been probably not coming from Modernism. Studio room Job’s contribution is that we now have rediscovered a lost route. Consciously and carefully, we could positioning decorative arts within the twenty-first century. Is that style? Whatever. Is that art? What ever, really. ”

Opulent, complex and ironic, Studio Career combine an extraordinarily higher level of craftsmanship with extreme artwork. They reference both the conventional and the topical, the natural and the artificial. This story conveys a tension between good and the bad discovering all facets of each. Their particular iconography is at once heraldic and cartoon-like, monumental yet somehow primitive. Due to this mixture of elements, Studio Job’s design has become synonymous with the phrase ‘neo-gothic’. This style is positioned within an enigmatic, intellectual platform by the number and complexness of symbols and signifiers it conveys.

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