Pottery Barn Floor Lamps


Pottery Barn Floor Lamps, I’ve been alluding to this project on Instagram for a while now, but I was finally rolling out the particular reveal today! It is usually my DIY floor light as part of Brittany’s DIY Lighting Challenge: My lamp was inspired by this Warren Pulley stand lamp from Pottery Hvalp, Warren pulley task ground lamp, However I expanded the size make this on a concrete base to turn it directly into a floor lamp. This specific is what my plan looked like: Pottery Hvalp Pulley Lamp Schematic
Plus here was my original version in the knock away from with a metal container shade:
Metal pulley light fixture DIY But my create was actually a lot more difficult than it may first appear. First, there had been the challenge to build the lamp out of wooden (not that that has been a requirement of typically the challenge, but I needed to be able to use my woodworking abilities so I made that a personal requirement) in addition to secondly, because I could not find any industrial searching pulleys locally. (I waited to long to order them online needless to say. ) If I was heading to build this once more, I could just purchase these actual pulleys.
As an alternative I found these casters which had the fantastic business look. They are usually intended for the bottom of a piece of home furniture and had large swivel mounting brackets, but I loved the condition of the wheel and understood I could make them work. And they are generally only HALF A DOZEN BUCKS! Similar pulley tires go for 4-5 times that on etsy.

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