Shoji Floor Lamp


Shoji Floor Lamp. Quality Products is definitely an approved merchant on PropertyRoom. com. We strive to provide innovative and unique products to the customer at below market prices. Many of our goods are "open box" and are generally possibly display models that may happen to be handled, but never really used, or customer earnings of items that they decided couldnt meet their needs. These items might come with all of the original add-ons as described in the real estate description. Many of the items include the original manufacturers warranty since new, but not all of them. Most of us inspect all of our "open box" items before listing and also any that do not seem to be new or like brand new are sold at another public sale site. All sales are printed an As/Is basis along with final. Bid with extreme caution. All Images are share images and not necessarily from the actual item being auctioned.

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