Standing Floor Lamps


Standing Floor Lamps. Throughout development, particular attention was handed to the aspects of optimising the actual anti-glare, economy, ecology, versatility and system integration. The actual prism technology (K32) guides the direct light onto the workplace without glare as well as acts as a light window. Insights in the monitor screen tend to be eliminated. FLAT conforms towards the requirements for 65° anti-glare in accordance with EU standards and also features a light operating effectiveness of over 80%. As a result, the number of lights can be considerably reduced by spacing lamps further apart. In addition , the particular lights can be arranged throughout or along the line of eyesight, which allows architects significantly higher freedom.

The high-quality areas of FLAT are made of die-cast aluminum. The visual overall elevation is minimised with the aid of the set-back shadow structure. The particular dual-lamp FLAT versions suit VDU work stations and also have a broad light distribution. All of the suspension lights are also readily available for strip mounting. One lighting strip consists of feed mild, central parts and finish lights. The lights are usually suspended on the connecting items using the strip mounting arranged and are through-wired. FLAT additionally represents greater efficiency because of intelligent light management. Whether or not with three-way switch, touch-dimmer, movement sensor or sunlight controller: BELUX-Sensors provide for an extra reduction in energy costs through up to 80%.

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