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Most of Sweden features a cool temperate climate, also it rains in all seasons, however the southern part of the country includes a warmer temperate climate. Stockholm has an average of about 9 hours of sunshine every day from May to This summer so summer is definitively the best time to visit the city and it also fits in well with the North hemisphere school holidays as well.Remember that changing nappies when three or four layers of clothes and snowsuits have to be removed each time quickly wears thin!

Founded in 1891, Skansen is Stockholm's largest and many popular outing destination and also the world's first open-air art gallery. What's more, Solliden, Skansen's maximum point, offers one of the best sights of Stockholm you can find, searching over the Baltic and the seaway to the city. Some one hundred fifty historic buildings, houses, facilities, workshops and other fun places have been collected at Skansen to portray how individuals lived in the past. It's a Laxa, sweden in miniature, representing varied periods and social conditions from the Middle Ages to the 20th century (the staff almost all dress in period costume through the way) and it is a fun and incredibly educational experience.

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