Touch Sensor Floor Lamp


Touch Sensor Floor Lamp. A touch lamp has a touch-control box installed inside the kind of the lamp. It links between the lamp plug cables and the lamp wires attached to the socket. An additional wire attaches to the metal on the lamp fixture. It is this wire that provides the lamp the ability to change the light on and off when you contact any metal on the table lamp. The control box may be damaged by minor energy surges. When this happens, the feel lamp will remain in the “On” or “Off” position. Resetting the touch lamp needs replacing the touch-control container.

Touch-sensitive lamps almost always make use of a fourth property of the body -- its capacitance. The term "capacitance" has as its underlying the word "capacity" -- capacitance is the capacity an object needs to hold electrons. The light, when standing by itself on the table, has a certain capacitance. This means that if a circuit attempted to charge the lamp together with electrons, it would take a particular number to "fill this. " When you touch typically the lamp, your body adds to the capacity. It takes more electrons to fill you and also the lamp, and the circuit picks up that difference. It is actually possible to buy little plug-in boxes that can turn any kind of lamp into a touch-sensitive light fixture. They work on the same theory.

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