Unique Floor Lamp


Unique Floor Lamp. These days, torchère lamps use neon or halogen light bulbs. Halogen torchères usually have a TRIAC dimmer circuit built into the actual stem. The same circuit will never work in a fluorescent torchère for the same reason that it will not really work in other types of neon applications: namely, because the pulsing will cause the arc within the fluorescent tube to become inconsistent. This is overcome by modifying the pulse-width modulation inside the electronic ballast instead and many fluorescent torchères use this technique.

Known as the Pumpal light, Berlin-based British designer Ewan Cashman took inspiration tips from the wooden toys associated with his childhood to design a distinctive floor lamp. Constructed with the wooden “handle” that homes the LED lights hidden within, a recycled cement base rounds off the visual and simultaneously serves as a pair of handcuffs for the unit so that it will not tip over. As a really distinct design, the Pumpal lamp was exhibited like a ‘New Talent’ winner in the DMY International Design Event hosted in Berlin previously this year. You can check out much more works from Ewan Cashman here.

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